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See What Our Students Are Saying

" I love having multiple instructors because they teach me different techniques"

— Bora H

" I love the atmosphere, knowledge, and professionalism."

— Jake D

" I like that it is comprehensive and that the instructors truly care about educating us."

— Eli A

"I like that even though its a barber program, I am getting an all around education and the opportunity to learn all aspects of the industry; so no matter what I choose to do or where I end up, I will be able to face any client service that is asked of me. The program has taught me the importance of “getting comfortable being uncomfortable”!"

— Brandy B

" I love the state board preparation that is taught"

— Dennis L

" I love that we are well rounded in our curriculum"

— Sarah K

" I love the instructors and being able to learn every texture"

— Mallorie M

"I like how everyone at the program is very well rounded with hair and that all the vibes between everyone are always upbeat."

— DaShawn G

" I like that it covers everything on the barber exam"

— William J

"I really enjoy the vast amount of knowledge we get, and the creative space we are allowed to tap into."

— Gary H

"I love the people, Staff, students, and instructors. I am learning and growing through education and the relationships I am building. It’s already an adventure and proving to be a rich experience."

— Jesse G

"I love that we are a Family. Our instructors bend backwards for us and always are there to help also mr.Sam literally misses out on sleep for us working 🙏🏽❤️"

— Ali N

"This program gives us social media training, state board study hall, how to treat people"

— Manny W

Become an Industry Double Threat! 

With our Barber Styling or Barbering Elevated Program you can have it all!

Hair Lab Detroit Barber School students are trained in all aspects of cosmetology including – hair styling, cutting, coloring, and business technology.

Students also learn classic and contemporary barbering and male grooming techniques. And it all happens in an actual salon giving students a chance to develop real-world experience and client interaction skills.


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You won’t just be getting training in techniques. Our curriculum includes training that will help you learn about client retention, product promotion and other important professional skills that can help you build your career and business skills!


Top Educators

We invest in our educators to ensure that they are trained in the latest industry techniques and protocols. Many of our educators also work in the professional industry, bringing relevant expertise to our students. We are proud to support them to attend professional shows and competitions where they have successfully won numerous awards.



​Our educational facilities also include two large classrooms each equipped with modern audio, visual, and educational equipment for the 21st century  



The program follows a process that promoted exploration, engagement, experience and expansion. It also aims to help build the students' self-esteem so they can connect their skills to what will be expected once they're in the barber shop. The program is designed so that the students will know how to be resourceful and creative in their businesses.

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