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Congratulations to Beacon's Class of 2021!

This year was the first time Hair Lab Detroit Barber School students were able to enter PBA's Beacon Student Program and we are very excited and honored to announce that 8 of our students, 7 current and 1 graduated, got chosen for the Class of 2021! There are only 150 spots in total, and our students represent 8 out of 16 Michigan students.

The students worked so hard and put so much effort and hard work into their application process which included creating an online portfolio and resume, getting a letter of recommendation, linking their Instagram to show their social media skills, and finally creating a video introducing themselves and explaining why they thought they deserved to be in the Class of 2021.

Below are the names and Instagram's of our talented future professionals, check out their page to see why they were chosen!

Meadow Calleja @lil_barber_girl

Tia Daniels @tailoredbytia

CaSandra LaRue @barberandbrains

Shannon Mace @mxmacebarber

Whitney Partee @whit_thebarber

Emmanuel Weston @there__e_go

Brittianne Wheeler @detroitbarberdoll

Beacon is an elite program for students in the beauty industry ran by Professional Beauty Association. It provides top beauty industry students the unique opportunity to gain career insights from leading beauty influencers and the opportunity to network with fellow students and owners of some of the most prestigious salon owners from across the United States.

Students that are chosen get to travel to Long Beach, California to attend the 3 day International Salon and Spa Expo. During this event they have the chance to attend their choice out of 80+ classes led by leading industry professionals and shop from some of the top brands in the industry.

Things will look different this year to help keep everyone safe and follow proper COVID-19 guidelines. ISSE 2021 will be a digital experience instead of in person, allowing students to receive the same amazing opportunities right from their phone or computer! They will then get the chance to attend ISSE 2022 and receive a special graduation ceremony and be able to experience ISSE in person.

Let's give a big congratulations to the first ever students from Hair Lab Detroit Barber School to be chosen!

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